Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still Going

Here is a sneak peak on the two pages I am currently working on. I didn't want to post the full pages, but wanted to give a little sample of what is going on. I'm still plugging away. Things have been crazy. I just need to find a way to either create more hours in the day, or give up sleeping. Yeah..... so far neither is working.
Here is a rough sketch for I did while I was on the phone. I did this in ball point pen on a legal pad. I already wrote book two and three for Rocco and Joey. I have about eight other story lines I'm tossing around as well. Here is one of the characters I plan on introducing in book two. I love drawing Rhinos and Elephants. There is something big and clumsy and cuddly about them. Love to hear what you think.


Justin said...

nice call on the "Teaser" art, a great idea.

overall very interesting characters/world, loving the style,and abundance of colour.

also, kudos on the name "The Widdly Wink That Lost its Wunk" haha, love it.

keep er up
cheers (tips hat)

nideep said...

fun stuff man!

Aaron Hartline said...

nice work!