Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's try this again.

Alright lets try this again. I thought I was done with everything awhile ago. Then my anal retentiveness took over and I had to add two more pages. I'm finally comfortable sending everything out to publishers now. I actually sent the first copy in this week. (wish me luck) Now the hard part.....waiting.

I still have a few pages that I want to do over and tweak a little bit. But I had to at least get it out there and see what people think. I have to admit, I'm having a blast. Here's a pic I did this week while sketching with my buddy Jay, he's an amazing local artist here in Cleveland. The image didn't scan that great, but I gotta get some sleep before work.
I kinda feel like a big kid and love doing this suff. That's what this sketch represents. Hope you like it, take care.